Young Photographer to Photograph London’s 270 Underground Tube Stations in 48 Hours

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A young Manchester based photographer has challenged himself to take pictures of all 270 of London’s Underground tube stations within 48 hours thus setting a world record.

Emmanuel Hammond 2After having his laptop and all his camera equipment stolen from the boot of a car whilst on his way back from a wedding in London, Emmanuel Hammond, 22, felt that his dreams of building a successful photography business had been crushed. The stolen laptop carried all his files including documents, videos and his entire photography archive of 40,000 images.

Emmanuel’s photography journey started in 2011 as a “simple hobby” which soon progressed into a full-time business over the past 4 years. Having had the opportunity to take pictures of major names in the gospel scene such as Fred Hammond, Mary Mary, Mali Music, Jason Nelson, Kirk Franklin and Kierra Sheard – Emmanuel is definitely a  young photographer with a bright future.

When asked about his reaction to discovering that his equipment had been stolen he said, “I felt like I had lost everything. I think I had a mini breakdown. I had days where I would just stay in my bedroom and cry. It was a really dark time for me. The realisation that everything I had worked for had gone was a lot for me to deal with.”

It is fair to say that most people would have given up on their photography dream at this stage. And Emmanuel admits that he almost reached that level of despair. However, not one to give up he has decided to start all over again; and to do so he needs to raise £7500 within 40 days. Not a small feat by any stretch of the imagination. But Emmanuel is so confident that he has set himself the challenge of taking pictures of London’s 270 underground tube stations within 48 hours if he reaches his fundraising target.

These pictures will be published and commissioned by TFL (Transport for London) to display the beauty and diversity of the 150 year old architecture which underpins the London underground. The current world record for passing through each station (without getting off the train) is 16 hours and 29 minutes, which works out at roughly 3.6 minutes per station. Emmanuel is planning to visit all 270 stations and photograph each station’s interior and exterior on the London Underground network within 48 hours. With the underground lines open for roughly 19 hours a day, that gives him only 38 hours, approximately 8 minutes per station.

Emmanuel said:  “In the past, I’ve taken pictures of a few of London’s underground Stations and they all had such distinct architecture designs to them, so I thought why not take pictures to show off their creative designs. But of course, the equipment is the one thing that is required to make this happen. That is why I decided to combine this ambition with the fundraiser. I hope it will encourage people to support my photography career. “

He continued to say:

“The money raised will not only help me get back the equipment that is required to continue my photography business but will also support my vision and passion to continue doing what I love “

If you want to support Emmanuel Hammond in his campaign, check out his project page here on Crowdfunder

Link with Emmanuel Hammond here:

Facebook: Emmanuel Hammond 

Twitter: @blessedlens






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