What Will You Be Doing on Halloween Night?

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Halloween is only a couple of weeks away and many Christians across the country are planning on how to keep their children away from all evidence of the pagan festival in the lead up and on the very night. It is common for some Christian parents to inform their children’s teachers not to involve their children in any Halloween activity taking place within school and to politely turn-down invitations from secular friends to attend Halloween parties. And whilst the streets are full of children having fun in their costumes and with pumpkins, often we find that Christian families across the land lock themselves in their homes with the curtains shut hoping that no-one comes knocking.

But is this the only answer to the question of ‘What should Christians do on Halloween Night?’ It appears not. The term ‘light in darkness’ really comes in to play here and a lot of churches have created ways in which they can be just that on a night that many recognise as a celebration of darkness. From night vigil prayer meetings, midnight candle walks to even using the opportunity to evangelise, church groups are encouraging Christians to stop hiding behind their curtains on Halloween night.

[row][one-third]Glow[/one-third][two-thirds] The Dome – London Miracle Centre (LMC), a London based Church group has organised an event called ‘Glow Party 2014’ and says that “On the 31st October they will bring the light to a dark night.” With DJ’s on the night including DJ Kelechi and DJ Selenki and live performances from Guvna B, Twelve24, A Star, J Vessel and Adam & Kid, this “Praise Party” is targeted at young people both within and outside of the church.

DJ Kelechi, Event organiser said; “Glow Party 2014 is taking place on the same day as Halloween to provide a Christian alternative for those looking to party on Halloween. It’s an opportunity for young Christians to show the world Light on a ‘dark night’. Not purely to oppose it but to offer an alternative, a Christian alternative.”

Find more details on this event HERE. Also comment below and tell us of ways you or your church group are planning to shine a light in on the night of Halloween this year.[/two-thirds][/row]

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