When You’re Too Busy Being You

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Lisa McClendon - Proverbial Girl

I’d often publicly admire other people’s life while secretly questioning the position of my own. Am I doing enough?  Should I be doing that too? What’s wrong with me? Do I matter more than I feel? Then it hit me. My life has been beautifully designed with me in mind.

If my schedule was as busy as his, I wouldn’t be able to be there when my daughter needed me the most, during her transition as a young woman. If I had the same demands as her, I wouldn’t be able to be at all of my son’s basketball games. Being them would make me miss being me.

Today I am thankful that most mornings I can look out the window and have the time to enjoy it. I am thankful today that I am not missing the life of the people that matter most to me, my family. Today, I am thankful that I am too busy being me, that I have no time to long to be anyone else.

By Lisa McClendon

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