Wayne Ellington Leads “Manchester Inspirational Voices” to Victory

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Manchester Inspirational Voices (MIV), led by renowned choir director and vocalist Wayne Ellington were the winners of this year’s “BBC Song’s of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year 2016”.

gospel-choir-of-the-yearWith tough competition from choirs across the country including another Manchester team – Harmony Gospel Choir and University Gospel Choir of the Year  2016 winners, De Monfort University Gospel Choir, MIV bagged the award hosted by the BBC. This is the first time the Manchester-based community choir had ever entered a competition of this nature, however, with the group celebrating their 10th year anniversary, they felt it was a perfect way to celebrate.

“With it being our 10th year anniversary, we thought it would be fun to get involved. We weren’t concerned about the competition aspect so much be thought it would be a beautiful time together and a great opportunity to meet other choirs as well. We felt ready for it.” Says Wayne.

When asked if he would enter again, Wayne said:

“I wouldn’t personally unless the choir members really wanted to. It’s one of those things where you’ve ticked the box and can move onto other exciting opportunities. I would encourage other choirs to go for it though as it was a chance to let the world know who we are. “

Wayne speaks highly of the other choirs that were involved and said that there was really no competitive vibes between the various teams behind the scenes.

After 10 years as one of the most popular community gospel choirs in the UK’s North West Region, Manchester Inspirational Voices choir delivers 3 annual concerts and consistently perform songs that are refreshing, timeless and reflective. And with this prestigious award under their belt, we’re expecting greater things and higher heights. Congratulations guys.

Want to learn more about the Manchester Inspirational Voices? Visit: www.manchesterinspirationalvoices.co.uk 

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