Wait on God for Your Hidden Babies

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Most times, we wonder why things take time in life – we seem hopeless amongst everyone else…people are getting married, people are getting promotions, jobs, people are getting recognised at work and you are not, even though you give your all to it. Many have even labelled you barren as it presently seems no child is coming forth; you have prayed, fasted, sowed seeds or even taken it as it is.

One thing I have learnt from the word is that the great ones are always the hidden babies.  While other children were being celebrated and recognised, baby Jesus’ parents were hiding him. While David’s friends were doing other things, he was left in the wilderness. Joseph was also a hidden baby as he was enslaved, imprisoned and even forgotten by his brothers. While Hannah was crying for a baby, her rival was rejoicing and having fun with her own children but God finally brought Samuel that ruled Israel for forty years and anointed kings. God is packaging a child with an atomic bomb destiny in your womb; why worry or feel left out when people are popping grenades. Wait on God, he never fails.

I see a lot of sisters that have been made desperate – waiting, looking and getting frustrated about meeting the right man as most of their friends have gotten married. Pressure is mounting from their parents, society and the GOSSIP department of the church; forgetting lots of people have rushed in and rushed out of marriage. Finding a spouse is another form of a hidden baby. It’s time to trust and focus on God and your Boaz will find you in his presence. Be spiritual and not religious or Jesus might end up being your only husband when he comes back to take his bride…..THE CHURCH.

Lastly, sometimes God needs to hide you in a place to keep you from things unseen and can’t be presently understood. It might look as if you are not progressing and everyone else is far ahead physically; it doesn’t matter what ANYBODY says or thinks.  That hidden baby is a treasure, focus on God and don’t be carried away by the noise people make……..

Always remember: In Christ alone, your hope is found and he never fails.

You are an ATOMIC BOMB, stop worrying about grenades and fireworks.

By Kofo Kego Oyeleye

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Kofo Kego Oyeleye  has a love for the creative arts which has seen him become a writer, public speaker, photographer, and filmmaker. This coupled with a knack for entrepreneurship has resulted in his establishment of two separate ventures: Repmo Media and Repmo Clothings in 2011, of which he remains the CEO.

Kofo is passionate about youth, with a vision to seeing young people realise their potentials. This has seen him act in various capacities as a youth leader and mentor, including being an associate within Aimhigher, a national programme in England aimed at widening participation and access to higher education among learners from under-represented groups.

He is visioneer of VES – VES which stands for Vote Elect Stand is an initiative with the purpose of seeing more Christians at various levels within the UK government

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