Vinejuice Radio Show | 17 Feb 14

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Radio Show Topics:

1. Valentine ’s Day – Is romance officially dead?
Research undertaken this year found that:
• 42% of men hate Valentine’s Day so much that they have feigned illness on 14 February to avoid it.
• 9% of men would quite happily have a night out with their mates over a romantic dinner with their girlfriend too.
• 50% of men are so stingy that they would suggest having a Valentine’s meal on an alternative day, so they can use a 2 for 1 meal voucher.
• 65% of the women surveyed admitted that they would rather be given cash than a present.
• 47% said that they wouldn’t want to be given flowers.

2. Serious Shoppers
Forget queuing outside Apples store, the people of Prestwich were queuing outside the new Aldi awaiting its opening on 5th February!
One eager punter, Michaela Bell, began queuing at 9pm last night and waited for 11 hours without even a tent or chair, securing herself a hamper worth £300 in the process.

3. Making the Band
The Message Trust is looking for members to create a new band that will receive 1 year management and membership from Mobo Winning Gospel Rap Jahaziel. Auditions have started this month. Still a chance to get involved. Contact [email protected]

4. Reconciliation and Forgiveness (all types of relationships)
• Is there anything that is unforgiveable in a
• Marriage
• Friendship
• Family
• Is real forgiveness possible – can you forget?
• What are the consequences of not forgiving?
• What are the benefits of forgiving?

5. Keeping Fit!
Squash is making a comeback. Different sessions available in Abraham Moss, Cheetham Hill and Sport City in Clayton. Session are free or £1. Equipment can be provided.

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