Vinejuice Radio Show | 05 May 14

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Vinejuice Radio Show | 05 May 14 | with Adaeze & Lavinia by Vinejuice Radio on Mixcloud


Radio Show Topics:

  • On Today’s Show
    • What is Vinejuice & What’s Happening in May
    • Calvary Chapel interview
    • #BringBackOurGirls
    • 10 Things Single People Can Do That Married People Can’t
  • Praisebreak
    • Why are you thankful for today?
    • FOCUS POINT: The Power of Praise
      – There is power in our praise to defeat enemies and overcome adversaries, because we are acknowledging that it is not our own efforts that produce blessings and prosperity but the mighty hand of God. Our focus gets redirected to Him and our faith increases.
      – The enemy’s biggest problem was and still is jealousy. If he can’t get us to worship him he’ll settle for distracting us from worshipping God. Our praise to God defeats this plan and makes him flee.
      Schoolboy Willie Myrick freed by kidnapper because he wouldn’t stop singing Gospel song ‘Every Praise’ by Hezekiah Walker
      – 2 Chronicles 20 – King Jehoshaphat & the Israelites defeat their enemies in battle by singing sons of praise.
    • SCRIPTURE: “Praise the Lord, For His mercy endures forever.” 2 Chronicles 20:20
  • Last Week’s Events:
    • Adaeze hosted a book launch event.


A breakdown of the various things Vinejuice does and a rundown of what’s coming up in May.

What Vinejuice does:
1. Vinejuice radio
2. Event listing
3. Ticket selling
4. Press & PR campaigns
5. Advertising
6. Hosting/presenting
7. Event reviews
8. Graphic & web design
9. Competitions
10. Overall fabulousness

Coming up in May:
1. Social Focus – we’ll be talking to various churches and Christian organisations across the city that run projects specifically to service the local community. If you’re church has a community interest project like a charity shop, soup kitchen, legal advice clinic, etc, we want to hear from you.
2. We’ll be spending some time talking about the up and coming GMIA Gospel Summit in June. Talking to founder Juliet Fletcher about all things gospel as well as talking to some of the notable artists linked to the organisation. Plus a competition giving away full 2 day summit passes.
3. More info re. the upcoming Fred Hammond & William McDowell concerts. Inside info so keep a watchful eye.
4. Live studio interviews with local artists Twelve 24, DavidB & Moses.
5. Plus much more so stay with us.


Events: *Community Funday, bank holiday Monday 5th May, 11am-4pm
*Sunday Night Live, Sunday 10th May, 7:30pm



#BringBackOurGirls @rescueourgirls
Almost 3 weeks ago approx. 234 young school girls were kidnapped by militant Islamist group Boko Haram from a boarding school in Borno State, Northeastern Nigeria.

The girls are believed to have been taken into Sambisa forest. People are speculating that the girls have been forced into mass wedding ceremonies. Some say they have been taken out of Nigeria. Some also say the girls are now “sex slaves”. There’s also a rumour that they’re being auctioned off for the equivalent of $12 USD. No one has yet verified these reports with any degree of certainty.

Angry Nigerians have been protesting in the streets for the girls’ release. The Nigerian army has been deployed to try to rescue the girls from Boko Haram. Nigeria’s largest church network, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), called for international prayer and fasting for the safe release of the girls.

But what is also notable about this horrible situation is the tenacity of the human spirit. Unfortunately international media outlets have been slow to pick up this story, if at all, so it has had little news coverage. Given the significance of the situation in comparison to recent disaster stories like the missing Malaysian airliner carrying more than 200 passengers or 250 South Korean high school students drowning or are presumed dead after a ferry accident it is distressing that the story has not been given more attention. But rather than doing nothing, angry Nigerians took to social media starting the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. High profile artists like Mary J. Blige and Jessie J have contributed to the half a million tweets about it. There’s also a new facebook page with over 23K followers

People have been so moved by the problems surrounding this problem that they’ve taken to rallying around the world to encourage international governments to aid the recovery of the girls. There have been rallies this weekend, mostly around America, but there was one in London on Saturday with more being announced.
There are also two petitions online at the moment, sign to show your support:


Event: Starbright Singles Seminar
Date: Sat 10th May
Time: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Venue: Chapters, Stockport
Price: £17

1. Study full time
2. Random shopping sprees (of course if you’re loaded you might get away with frivolity)
3. Eat Cornflakes for dinner (unless you want social services to accuse you of neglect)
4. Go on a singles holiday (you better not even think about it)
5. Date (oh heck no!)
6. Have girls/lads night every day of the week (spontaneity)
7. Back packing around the Serengeti
8. Buy a sporty 2 seater coupe (without having to worry about your 6 kids)
9. Claim busking as your main job (responsibility & stability)
10. You still have a chance of finding Mr or Mrs right (if you married wrong, you better make them Mr or Mrs right!)


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