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Former backing singer beauty, Michelle John, recently won the hearts of the British public after reaching the finals of The Voice UK 2017 on Team Will. Ahead of a singing appearance in Manchester we got a chance to catch up with Michelle to find out a bit more about her.

We know you most recently for reaching the finals of The Voice UK 2017, but you’re not new to music are you? After 20 years in the industry what made you decide to enter the show?

I decided to agree to enter the show because they had been asking me to appear for 3 years, I felt now was the right time and also my head and heart were in the right space.

You’re also not new to TV singing competitions having been a vocal coach on a show in the past. How was it this time being front of camera rather than behind the scenes?

Yes, I was a vocal coach on ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ for Simon Cowell. I’m very used to being in front of the camera as a backing singer but taking centre stage on my own is a whole different world. It’s one I’m still getting used to. I’m evolving as I go.

So, since The Voice UK ended have you and Will.I.Am remained in contact? And, how many times a week do you get asked that question?

Since the show ended I have had limited communication with Will.I.Am. I am asked this question at least 2/3 times a week!!

You once performed at a concert for Barak Obama at The White House (Mich, big in the game!). Was he as cool in real life as he appears to be on TV?

The Obamas are the realest and loveliest couple ever!!!! I was performing at an event at The White House and I caught them pointing and talking about my shoes…which was brilliant…of course we are besties now, lol.

Over the years you’ve worked with some major names in music like Eric Clapton, Annie lennox, Mariah Carey, and Ed Sheeran. What’s one of your favourite memories from working with these people?

So many awesome private cherished memories but I will always value the love and support and prayers that Eric Clapton has given me during this time in my journey. Will Young coming to watch me at the live finals of The Voice and wearing a ‘MichPower’ t-shirt…that’s love!!!

As well as mainstream artists you’ve also worked with big Gospel & Christian names like Cece Winans, Fred Hammond, and Matt Redman to name a few. Being a Christian yourself, have you found it easier working in the Gospel/Christian sector over the mainstream or the other way round?

I’m the same Christian chick wherever, whoever, whatever!!! What makes it difficult is the judgements you receive from fellow believers. The sad thing is in the mainstream people just accept me for who I am.

We believe you have an album coming out this year, can you tell us about it?

My album is a Rock Soul story book…about me 🙂

When you perform what’s the main thing you want to communicate and leave with the audience?

The message is “Real Girl in a Real World with a Real God = Winning!!!”

You’ll be performing in Manchester at the Shine-A-Light concert, Aug 28? Have you performed as a solo artist in Manchester before and what can the audience expect you to bring?

I’ve recently done a few events in Manchester and you can expect me to keep it real and honest with praise and gratitude which fuels me up to sing my face off!!!

Finally, Madam Michelle, aside from your stunning cheekbones what is it that makes you “juicy”?

What makes me ‘Juicy’ is my laughter…it’s coloured with pain and purpose and passion!!!

Thanks Ladies. I appreciate the love & support and hope to see you at the event. Bless xxx

Shine A Light - Gospel Music Showcase 2

See Michelle John at Shine-A-Light Gospel Showcase in Manchester, 28th August 2017.

August Bank Holiday Monday sees a new dawn fall on the North West as Shine-A-Light comes to Audacious Church bringing you a night of amazing gospel artists.

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