UK Rapper, Tneek’s, New Video Release “For That Money”

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UK’s leading female Gospel MC, Tneek, drops new video as promised for her latest track “For That Money” featuring Trevor ‘Trell’ Henry.

“For That Money” highlights where the hunger for money can lead you! Acts of crime, as acted in the video, can lead to fast gains but a road to destruction. Tneek attempts to challenge mindsets and the addiction to money with showing there’s a better lifestyle available.

tneek for that money

Since Tneek’s personal resurgence, her fresh, hard-hitting no-holds-barred material aims to address real issues, challenging the ‘status-quo’ and connecting with those who have been judged and labelled as ‘no hopers’.

Tneek has recently completed her eclectic EP entitled ‘R.I.C.H’, pushing the creative benchmark with her with profound lyricism, catchy hooks and musical diversity.

She’s featured with established UK artists, including Israel Allen, Sarah Teibo and MOBO Award Winner Lurine Cato; supporting her at Kirk Franklin’s concert in Birmingham, UK.

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