UK Memory Man to Recite the New Testament

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UK Memory Man
UK Memory man recites entire new testament

UK Memory Man strikes again! From today – 2nd May till 5th May, David Bathurst will be reciting the ENTIRE New Testament – 172,000 words from memory. He has taken on this unbelievable challenge in aid of The Gambia Upcountry Development Charity, providing  underprivileged African children with schooling. The amazing feat will be happening over the 4 days in Boxgrove Priory, West Sussex.

David will spend approximately 6 – 7 hours per day reciting the New Testament, taking breaks now and again to refuel with coffee and food. His wife, Susan will be alongside him to offer moral support as well as stewards from the Priory congregation and the charity reps.

This is not the first time David has shown off his extraordinary memory muscles. In 1998 he recited the 4 Gospels and followed that by reciting psalms 150 from memory 2002. David said. “I felt that it was a wonderful way of communicating the Gospels and was also a test for me. I decided at that time that once I had retired from full-time work, I would have a go at the whole New Testament.”

His memory exploits do not end there! He recited and sang the complete works of Gilbert & Sullivan from memory in 2004; recited and sang the complete published works of Michael Flanders & Donald Swann from memory in 2006; recited and sang Handel’s Messiah from memory in 2009; and recited Alan Bennett’s complete Talking Heads monologues from memory in 2010. David also read the the whole King James Bible in 6 days in 2011.

Aged 54, David currently works part time as a Criminal Defence Advocate. He started preparing for reciting the New Testament since January 2013 and amazingly felt confident enough to set the date for performing his challenge by April/May that same year.

David is hoping to raise a substantial amount of money for his chosen charity and is inviting people to drop into the Priory to show support.


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