UK Gospel Q&A with Presha J

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As the UK Grime scene continues to expand and encompass more and more of the mainstream, we caught up with Gospel Grime & Hip Hop MC, Presha J, to chat about it.


Can you give us a quick overview of your music in 5 words?


If I had to summarise my music in five words, they would be: Soul baring, energetic, inspirational, raw and real.


Your stage name is really intriguing, what’s the story behind it?


I used to play semi-professional football when I was younger. I was the type of player that was always running towards the opposition and eager to play a serious game of footie. My manager and team started calling me ‘Presha’ because I wasn’t afraid to put pressure on players. The J comes from being called Jnr as I share the same name as my Dad.


How did you get started in this music game?


As I was growing up, I remember music being a key part of my home – my big sister would encourage me to write lyrics and to express what was on my heart. By the time I turned 17, I was involved in the Grime music scene. I would mc about my violent and negative lifestyle so that the listeners would respect my realness and relate to my rawness. Now as a Christian artist, I mc/rap about what I stand for but still desiring for my listeners to hear my realness.


6 years back or so there was a real buzz for a while around grime & hip-hop in the UK Gospel scene, will we see that again?


We will definitely see that buzz again. A lot of well-known and new artists are working hard to put out quality music. Creating a buzz takes hard work and consistency but I’m looking forward to contributing towards that.


Grime as a genre is successfully moving from being an underground sound to becoming mainstream. Does that give you hope that Gospel Grime artists could reach a wider audience?


People are really beginning to embrace Grime and it has broken a lot of boundaries recently. I feel encouraged that Gospel Grime will also have that same impact but we know as artists that we have to work together to achieve that.


You’ve revisited your grime roots with your new single ‘New One’ released last month, what’s the track about?


‘New One’ was exactly about coming back to my Grime roots. I wanted to remind the listeners that I was keen to push out the style of music that resonates with my life.



Have you got any more music coming out this year and will it be grime or hip-hop?


People are going to have to wait and see…


We’ve seen a number of Gospel artists come and go over the years, is there anyone that you’d love to see put out music again?


I’d like to hear new music from Favour and Lionel (previously known as Mystman)


You’ll be performing on the Praise Party stage, why should folks come out to see you?


I’m really looking forward to performing at Praise Party – it will definitely be a great night.


What do you think of Christian events like Praise Party that are a little “outside the box”?


Events like this are needed for Christians and I want to salute DJ Kelechi for organising them.

[spacer style=”1″] Praise Party - July

The next Praise Party takes place on Friday 1st July from 10pm – 3am.

This month’s event features live PA’s from Presha J, Tneek, and Que all the way from Trinidad (via Canada). There’ll be a guest DJ set by DJ Naadlox. And resident deejays, DJ Kelechi, DJ Tito, DJ Tomiwa, will be playing the best in Christian RnB, Hip Hop, Reggae, Afrobeats, and more. This one is going to be lit!

Book your tickets for the event here: Get Your Praise On!


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