UK Gospel Q&A with Faith Child

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In the midst of a busy gigging schedule (at home and abroad) we were able to have a quick Q&A catch up with one of UK Gospel’s leading artists, Faith Child, to get the lowdown on what he’s got going on at the minute.


For those who may not know your music how would you describe it in 5 words?


Fun, lyrical, witty, relevant, inspirational.


Faith Child is a really cool stage name but will you still be using it at 40 years old – assuming you’re still performing then?


Haha, good question. I’m not sure at the moment what a good name change would be, if ever I decided to change it. Puff Daddy went to P Diddy then Diddy. Give it a few studio sessions and he’ll probably go back to Puff Daddy! I think I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.


You’ve been a part of the UK Gospel scene for over a decade, how do you think the scene is doing at the moment?


It is growing and developing which is great. Good producers, better studio equipment and quality videographers are more accessible now. I’m beginning to see a surge of ‘new’ artists, mainly rappers, coming through and featuring on non-Christian platforms. I would love to see more singers.


Are there any new Christian artists coming through that you’re excited about right now?


I’m feeling Becca Folkes and Possible P at the moment. Becca is a power house who can smash every genre I’ve heard her on and can do them traditional Gospel riffs too and Possible has that fresh modern sound which will resonate with those up to date with the current music trends.


You’ve worked with practically everyone who’s anyone in UK Gospel but is there anyone you’d love to work with that you haven’t yet?


I have a few major US acts that want to collab with me but I’ve noticed that when the US and UK collab happens it makes more noise over here and not much notable impact State side. The songs that tend to resonate more in the States are songs that don’t have the US act co-sign.

I’m due to jump in the studio with Philippa Hanna. I think Hillsong London and I would pull off something quite special.


You’re part of an elite crew of Gospel artists who have charted in the Official Christian & Gospel Album Charts, how did you feel when you found out?


I was grateful. Although I would have loved a No. 1 I’m grateful I have people that want to buy my music and kept me in the Top 10 for a couple weeks.



You’ve won a number of awards from Christian bodies over the years but last year you won the MOBO for Best Gospel Act. How did it compare to the others?


It brought me more attention from media outlets I hadn’t featured on before like BBC News London and a couple endorsements but other than that nothing drastically different. Oh, and not to forget a few more likes on Instagram!

However, it has given me a bit more clout which has opened doors to great opportunities and taken me through more corridors of power.


Would you ever put out music that was not “Christian” so to speak…”inspirational”?


No I wouldn’t. That’s just not me nor the message I choose to champion. I know my lane and the position I must play. I have had non-Christian artists approach me for collaborations and they’ve always been comfortable with me choosing the concept and them following suit.


You dropped your 2nd album, ‘Airborne’, early last year. Have you got any new music in the pipeline?


Yes, I’m secretly back in the studio working on an EP, I’m one song in! I had a Grammy nominated producer reach out to me over the weekend so I’ll see how that pans out. I have an idea of the sound I want but I’m still flexible. I would like to be a bit more transparent in my music on this next project too.


You wear a number of hats; music artist, TV presenter, charity ambassador, church deacon. Do you think it’s important for our artists to diversify nowadays?


I believe it is important to be more than a musician/artist. Our talents have given us a beautiful platform and it is only right that we use our voice and influence for the greater good. I’m all for a good cause and using my platform to help others and implement change.


You’re a great performer, we saw you tear up the stage at one of your recent headline tour dates. You’re one of the PAs at the next Praise Party event happening in London May 6, what can people expect from you?


A good, high energy set. Whether I play to an intimate crowd of 50 or larger audiences of 50,000 I still give 100%.


Some people are dubious about the idea of the Praise Party and Christians having a ‘club night’. What would you say to them?


There is absolutely nothing wrong with a gathering of people enjoying clean music. Some people love going out but don’t have a safe place to go to. Praise Party has filled that void and we should get behind them.


Finally, the most important question, what is it that makes you ‘Juicy’?


Me being me! My flaws, my strengths, and these darn good looks God gave me 🙂

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Over to you

Faith Child pointed out Becca Folkes and Possible P as new artists he’s excited about. Who are some other new Christian artists that you’re watching right now? Tell us in the comments below.

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