UK Gospel Q&A with DJ Proclaima

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Soulcure Radio station owner and UK Gospel Reggae ambassador, DJ Proclaima, is turning 50 this month and doing it in style! We took the opportunity to catch up with him to chat about ministry and music.


Happy Birthday Sir, how are you feeling about turning big ol’ 50?


I feel great about being 50 and thank God life.


You must have been DJing for more years than you haven’t now, what’s been the secret to your longevity?


My longevity is really down to God. He called me and anointed me for this purpose. In recent times He reminded me that He made me to be a DJ for Him. So with that confidence in place and the passion in my heart I keep moving forwards and ALWAYS try to put Jesus at the forefront.


How did you get started as a Gospel DJ?


God called me. When I was first called there were not really any proper Gospel DJs.  There were some Gospel presenters, like the legendary Frank Stewart, but nobody really taking it to the street. For me it actually all started with a dream. God spoke to me and showed me playing a Gospel sound called Soulcure (He gave me the ministry name). The dream burned deep in me and I began to act. The Internet was not really about back then so I had to write to different people around the world to get some music. Very soon music came (sometimes unexpectantly) from every direction. With only a few albums I would play a whole night … looking back I really don‘t know how I did it.


What do you enjoy the most about it?


Well, as u can imagine, I really do love the music but what really touches my heart is when God reaches someone through the Soulcure ministry. I have witnessed God do incredible things, transform lives, heal bodies, even demonic deliverance.


You’re well known for championing the UK Gospel Reggae community, do you think this genre gets enough recognition by the broader Christian community?


To be honest I am not really concerned about how Gospel Reggae is received by the wider community. All I know is that God has called me to minister in that musical arena so I stay faithful to it. There was a period when people tried to tell me Reggae was dead but I just kept my focus and guess what it is bigger than ever now and growing.


Who’s hot right now in the UK Reggae Gospel scene?


The UK has always been at the forefront of Reggae music and has consistently produced very high quality artists with worldwide recognition. Gospel Reggae is no exception. I could easily list about 20+ artists but let me just give you a few who are hot right now; Chris Da Ambassador,  Peter Spence, Joshua Kesler, Annette B, and Lytie.


So, to celebrate your birthday you’re having an event in Birmingham on April 29th, can you tell us about it?


Yep … my event is at the Mango Bar and Lounge in Perry Bar, Birmingham. I am really excited that popular Reggae artist, Sista Sasha, is flying in from Jamaica. Plus we have a big line-up of UK artists and who I consider to be the best Gospel DJs in the country. People should expect to dance off their foot! Advance tickets are £7, for more details visit


What are you most excited for on the night?


Celebrating with friends near and far plus all the loads of presents, hint hint!


Is this going to be THE birthday bash of all birthday bashes?


This will be the mother of all birthday bashes, lol.


You run a business, as well as DJ, and run a radio station. Any plans to slow down now you’ve hit 50?


Slow down for what?! I still have plenty to do for God. I won’t stop until He tells me to or He brings me home.


You’re an inspiration! Have you any words of advice for young people wanting to get into Gospel DJing?


Thank you, I try to be a good example. My advice to anyone trying to deejay for Christ is simply to put God in first place and never compromise on speaking boldy about Jesus. Then practice hard and do the work. God will make a way for you.


Ok, finally, the question of questions, what makes you a ‘Juicy Gent’ DJ Proclaima?


Great question! Well, clearly I am a devoted fan of the Juicy Ladies…I’m even thinking of getting a full sleeve tat done, so I guess I am just a groupie.

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Come along to a night hosted by Soulcure Radio and Party Networks to celebrate DJ Proclaima turning the big 5-0.

Featuring, some of the UK’s most seasoned Gospel Sound Systems, Soulcure, Shekinah, HMSS and Good News. As well as PA’s from Joshua Kesler, Annette B, Ni-cola, Chris Da Ambassada, Shadrach and all the way from Jamaica via the US Sista Sasha.

Book your tickets for the event here: DJ Proclaima 50th DP


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