UK G Rapper Slams Stormzy for Promoting Gang Crime

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Yesterday UK Gospel rapper, Fabio Da Silva, slammed Grime artists like Stormzy for promoting gang culture and violence in their music.

Fabio posted an interesting video on his Facebook page titled “I’ve had enough”. In the video he passionately gives his opinion on Grime artists like Stormzy rapping about violence and how that influences young people.

He says:

80% or 70% of the reason for the knife crime and gun crime, is because of what our young people are listening to.

Gun and knife crime is a real big issue right now and is frequently talked about in the news. Fabio gives examples of some prominent UK rap artists including Stormzy, Krept and Conan, and Giggs analysing their negative lyrics. In the video he says about Stormzy’s hit song ‘Big For Your Boots’:

Let’s look at some of the lyrics…
You wanna come round here like a badboy? Do it
Bun all the talking, go on then, do it
Running through the party, bottle of BACARDÍ
Bro’s in my ear saying “Stormz, don’t do it”
Devil on my shoulder, I don’t lack
Hit ’em with a crowbar, I don’t scrap

…so, the word scrap is a street term for fighting. So what he’s saying here is I’ll hit them with a crowbar, I don’t fight. Yeah, that’s nice!

After pointing out some “interesting” bars from some other hit songs he ends his video with a direct message to all these artists saying:

There’s blood on your hands!

Click below to watch the video in full.

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