UK Christian Film Company Meets Nollywood for 2018 Releases

Zoe Films
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London based Zoe Films, the sister company of gospel record label, Zoe Records, is set to release a flurry of films throughout 2018 telling the stories of British born Nigerians in the UK.

Under development since 2013, Zoe Films has produced 6 films covering a wide range of topics including marriage issues, spiritual warfare, and finding ones purpose.

Film titles include ‘I Want Out’, ‘Prophetic Prayers’, ‘Spiritual Warfare’, ‘Unknown Crisis’, ‘Who Sent You’, and ‘Child of the Occult’. They tell the tales and experiences of British born Nigerians in the UK from various life perspectives.

Cast members for the films feature actors and actresses from the UK and Nigerian Christian film industries including Israel Ore-Adewole (former Vice President of Mount Zion Films in Nigeria), Wole Olaleye, Toyin Oke, Sola Oyin-Adejobi, Sam Adigun and Olumide Oloyede.

Head of Zoe Films and Zoe Records, Isaac Odeniran, said “I am excited about the prospect of widening what we do into the area of films and bringing Christian Entertainment that promotes Godliness to the UK and to the world. Zoe Films sees it’s venture into movie making as an extension of its vision for Christian Entertainment.”

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