It’s Time2Shine for Esther Farinde with New Song ‘You Called Me’

Esther Farinde
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Award winning UK Gospel artist, Esther Farinde, returns to the stage with the release her new single, ‘You Called Me’.

Esther first came to our attention in 2014 when she won the then popular Time2Shine gospel music competition. But following a series of circumstances, including childbirth, we haven’t seen much of the London based talent. That is until now!

Back, and on a mission to touch lives with her message of hope, Esther recently released new single ‘You Called Me’, the first off her forthcoming debut EP.

Esther Farinde - you called me

The track is a blend of traditional gospel and jazz that Farinde says is about holding onto the promise when it feels like the dream in your heart is for someone else and not you.

When you have a dream and it feels like it’s slipping away it’s tough sometimes to smile through it, particularly when everybody expects you to. ‘You Called Me’ comes from embracing the uncertainty and pain of being in God’s waiting room. Watching as other people’s dreams and desires come to fruition and wondering when it will be your turn.

She added,

I truly believe God is raising up a generation of young people who must know that no matter what the circumstance they have been called by God. Sometimes we need to speak to that mountain and just tell it, “God called me”. It’s not always prayer. Sometimes it’s a straight-forward declaration of faith that triggers progress. It’s what is on the inside of you that speaks of the greatness of God not what is going on around you.

‘You Called Me’ is available now on iTunes.

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