Event Review: Thursday Night Live with The Message Trust

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I’m almost embarrassed to say that after 16 Thursday Night Live events held by the Message Trust in Manchester, I have finally made it out to their 17th episode and boy I have really been missing out.

Honestly, I’m not just saying that. I had such a good time on so many levels. The venue, The Message Trust Enterprise Centre, had this cool, twinkly, Summer nights vibe to it with a splash of Mexican spice – probably because they were running with a ‘Mexican’ theme. There was a more than decent crowd of various ages and backgrounds – laid back, chilled and just had a good time. Chilli! There was chilli, rice and nachos on sale too…Mexican theme remember.

Thursday  night liveBut it was the live music that made the event such a great night out. There was an opening band of whose name the host had forgotten and therefore referred to them as ‘Sammy Something’ (it should be noted at this point that aside from this slightly embarrassing ‘hosting etiquette no no’ the host, Emma Owen, did an amazing job). They were really nice but it seemed that the show really officially kicked off when Rivers and Robots took to the stage.

Rivers and Robots are a local indie/pop band who have such a captivating sound with lyrical content to match. They took us through a short but very sweet guitar driven set which I personally really enjoyed. Judging by the reaction they got the audience loved them too.

The band, Rivers and Robots, made up of 4 missionaries, did a great job of warming us up and preparing us for what was to come. And what came was Seth Pinnock and his team, ‘A New Thing’. They were such a treat. I cannot express to you how good this group was…but I will try my best. Primarily a worship team these guys took us to places of amazement with their vocal ability, to heaven with their harmonies and straight into the presence of God with their hearts of worship. This group from Birmingham performed a combination of well-known worship songs with their own flavour added to them and their own original songs. And with the only instruments on set being a keyboard and a cajon the sound was electrifying.

All in all Thursday Night Live was definitely a worthwhile event to attend. At only £3 you actually get more value than what you pay for. My only regret is that I left it so long to attend, won’t be making that mistake again!

Oh, I almost forget to tell you about arguably the most amazing part of the event. After the bands had finished a man named Anthony Westood stood up and gave a testimony of the miraculous healing power of God. He shared how God had healed him from his diagnosis of having cancer in 14 places! His testimony was received with triumphant praises and applause in glory of the God that heals.

So yes this was a great event that took place in Manchester and I actually LOVED it. Well done Message Trust.

The next Thursday Night Live will be on 14th July 2016.  Find out more here: The Message Trust Enterprise Centre [spacer style=”1″]

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