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Our mission at Vinejuice is to connect communities by promoting vibrant living. One way we do that is by supporting churches, charities, and community groups with promoting their events to a wider, more diverse audience. If you are hosting, organising, promoting or otherwise involved in an upcoming event then Vinejuice is here to help you.

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  1. Contact Us: Ready to promote your event? Fab! Simply fill out the event submission form at the end of this page, click send, and let us take care of the rest.
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  1. Your event will be listed amongst others on the site. Upcoming events are also visible on the Vinejuice homepage. This means that as people search for other events (that are being actively promoted by other event organisers) they could also find yours.
  2. We engage audiences daily on various social media platforms (and via other mediums) to encourage visitors to our site and to view the event listings directory.
  3. We will also send you tips and ideas of things you can do to further promote your events.


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