Students Kickstart ‘Common Sense’ Campaign

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In an era of fake news and profit driven media giants a group of Manchester students get together to start ‘The Common Sense Network (TCS)’.

Founded by 22 year old, Christian, University of Manchester student, Michael Omoniyi, The Common Sense Network is a new initiative attempting to, “provide an answer to the broken state of mass media in which profit driven owners including mega corporations and Russian oligarchs, influence media channels to produce dishonest and biased content to suit their own agenda’s”, by creating a news network 100% funded by the public in the hopes of publishing content that appeals to varying public interest.

The Common Sense Network (TCS)

To get the project off the ground TCS and it’s team of 100 bloggers, journalists, and news reporters launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise £50,000. The all-or-nothing campaign ends 30th September and to date has raised £29,812 from 380 pledges.

To find out more about ‘The Common Sense Network (TCS)’ and support with a pledge visit

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