Striving to Give Your Utmost

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A school near to where I live has a quote which says “Quod Potes Tenta” this means ‘Strive to your utmost’. As believers we should aim to give our utmost to God.

When we give our lives to Christ it really should involve complete surrender, surrender to him and surrender to his will. We should strive to give our utmost to God, to surrender and sacrifice not just the bad or the good but the best of what we have.

The call of Christ does not come without a cost, salvation is free but if we are to truly live for God there is a cost involved. Are we truly striving to give the utmost we can to God, to be the person he wants us to be no matter what the cost or sacrifice. There are some who strive to give there utmost to there work endevours, they seek promotion and success others strive to give their utmost to there education in the hope that they will better themselves. Others will strive to make the most money they can.

Now none of these are wrong or sinful but they can become hinderances to us. Because if our strength, energy and effort is given completely to those things it is easy to have nothing left to give to God and we fail to achieve all that he has planned and purposed for us. Why? Because we gave our utmost to those things. We must remember in all things that God’s will should be paramount it is the thing that we should pursue and strive after more than anything else. The bible says to love the Lord with all, consider this word for a moment if part of us is striving for something other than the Lord, then it can be said that we are not giving God our all.

The bible uses the words heart, soul and mind. We must ask ourselves today whether we are giving our utmost to God, whether all of our mind, soul and strength is given to know God and his will. When it comes to things of God and the will of God remember the quote “Quod Potes Tenta”. Let the rest of the year 2016 be the year where you strive to give God the best of you, the best of your time, the best of your strength and the best of your effort. Don’t let this year be a year of should have, would have or could have. Strive to give your utmost to God, the best that you can give, not second best but ‘the’ best.

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Over to you

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