Stop waiting for the ‘Man of God’

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The Man of God
Stop waiting for the ‘Man of God’

Single Christian women – stop waiting for the powerful, spiritually mature, fully anointed, preaching, teaching Apostle Man of God for marriage!

Although Single-hood & Marriage Counsellor, Dorike Adesunloye strongly advises single women to only consider Christian marriage partners in order to foster spiritual unity within the home, she recognises that many women have an unrealistic vision of the Christian man that they are waiting for.

It is common for single women to see who we call ‘Men of God’ that stand at the altar as Pastors, Preacher, Teachers and Ministers in our churches and have this air of power and authority as attractive and strong. They often imagine that these men would make perfect husbands and that if they marry someone like that, it would be as if they had bought a life-time guaranteed ticket to marital bliss.

Dorike stresses that regardless of the potential life partner’s point in their spiritual journey, the key characteristics to look for are:

  • Does he have a passion for the Lord?
  • Is he teachable?
  • Does he fear the Lord?
  • Is he accountable?
  • Does he have a desire for growth?

It is important to remember that he is not the finished product – as you also are not. But maybe you are the instrument that the Lord will use to bring out the King in him.

So stop waiting for ‘Man of God’ and be ready for the man God has prepared for you.

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