Soooo I’M AFRAID!!!

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Lisa McClendon - Proverbial Girl

Lisa McClendon - I'm Afraid
There, I said it.
I have been for a few weeks now but was, catch this, too AFRAID to admit it.
I’m afraid of God saying, NO.

You know how you want something sooooo bad but you’ve kind of given God the “Thumbs Up” to have His way in your life? I mean, I know if He doesn’t open this door, that just means He has one better, but I kind of love what’s behind door #2. You know? So then, I remembered a recent conversation with one of my sisters and she said to me, “It’s okay to be ANGRY, even Jesus was.” But was He ever afraid? That was my question. So I asked my hubby. And his response was, “Of course! Jesus was afraid when He had to go to the cross. He even asked God if there were any way possible that He could avoid doing it.”

Yes! Of course. I’d forgotten all about that.

So YES, it’s okay to be afraid, just like I am at this very moment. Just don’t forget to be like Jesus and have a “Nevertheless, not my will but thy will be done,” in your back pocket.




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