A Song of Prayer for Nigeria

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MOBO nominee and multi award winning Gospel artist Sam Adebanjo is making a call for people to pray for Nigeria with his new single ‘Prayer for Nigeria’. In light of recent tragedies Nigeria has gained international attention with the kidnapping of over 200 girls making the release of this song very timely.

‘Prayer for Nigeria’ will be available for free download tomorrow, Friday 9th May 2014 and features an array of high profile Nigerian artists including Femi Flame, Hope Levei [Destiny Child Season 1 and 2 Runner Up], Jid Vocals, Cute Sagay, Joy [Destiny Child Season 2 Winner] & C-stas.

Sam Adebanjo says that: “The tragedy in some parts of Nigeria has touched the lives of people around the world. What Nigeria needs most is prayer.”

‘Prayer for Nigeria’ is a mid tempo song that combines melodic vocals with a distinctive African beat and strong lyrics that plead for change in Nigeria.

The London based artist hopes this song will cause a positive change and assist in the efforts to bring about lasting peace in a country that has been plagued with tragedy for a prolonged period.

Download a ‘Prayer for Nigeria’ tomorrow from vinejuice.co.uk as well as GospoGroove.com, DTWG.co.uk, and GospelTouch.net, and many more.

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