“She’s Alive!” Joyce Meyer Responds to Death Hoax

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joyce-meyerThe charismatic Christian  author and speaker Joyce Meyer took to social media yesterday to set the record straight amidst rumours that she has passed away last Thursday.

“I am alive and well, and I plan to be in Cleaveland next week  for a conference. ” says the 73-year-old powerhouse.

The hoax story of Joyce’s ‘death’ was put out online last night and quickly picked up steam with messages of condolences and RIP’s flooding social media sites.

Thousands of the fans will be breathing a huge sigh of relief and shouting HALLELUJAH as they wake up to find this video from Joyce Meyer alive and kicking, and confirming that she is certainly not dead!

“I just wanted to let you know that there’s been a rumour going around on the web that I died last Thursday and that my Body is now in the morgue getting ready for an autopsy as you can see, that’s totally not true. It’s just some kind of a silly rumour just put out there to waste a bunch of people’s time.”

Well, thank the good Lord for that!

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