Sean C. Johnson on Pornography and Life #CIRCA1993

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Watch Sean C. Johnson’s new video series ahead of upcoming album release, #CIRCA1993.

Sean C. Johnson has been busy promoting his forthcoming album, #CIRCA1993, due out March 10th, with an innovative and reflective video series exploring the themes and inspirations behind his latest body of work.

We get an insight into the man behind the music through these very personal videos which broach the subjects of pornography, death, and salvation.

Sean said, “When I was kid I loved reading comic books. The issues I enjoyed the most were the ones that told a heroes origin story. This album is my “origin story”. While I’m no hero, I do have a story to tell and my story was shaped by four events that all happened…in 1993.:

* Death of my mother.
* Falling in love with music.
* Viewing pornographic material for the first time.
* Giving my life to Christ.

Each song on the album will be told through the lens of these four events and give listeners a peak into what shaped me.”

The cinematography is slick and the styling creates a real sense of nostalgia and reflection. Enjoy the videos below and download the album on March 10th (from all usual outlets) which includes the single “Mountains” released earlier this year.

[accordion][acc title=”Part 1: ‘Althea’ video”]Event #1: Passing of my mother; Althea Johnson (Sep 15, 1958 – Feb 7, 1993)

[/acc][acc title=”Part 2: ‘Nothing But A ‘G’ Thang’ video”]Event #2 – Falling in love with music. Year was 1993, Tampa, FL, summertime. And there was one song in particular that ruled the airwaves and kept me glued to my television screen. Despite the content, God used this song to pique my interest in music and spark a fire that is still burning.

[/acc][acc title=”Part 3: ‘Dominique’ video”]Event #3 – Viewing an adult movie for the first time. I wish I could erase the images I saw that night in 1993. What was on that tape forever changed me. I left that room with chains that took years to break.

[/acc][acc title=”Part 4: ‘Will There Be One?’ video”]Event #4 – Giving my life to Christ. I wouldn’t change one thing that happened in 1993. God, in his sovereign will, used the events of that year to open my eyes, soften my heart, and bring me to a point of repentance.


Sean C. Johnson #Circa1993

[accordion][acc title=”Circa 1993 Track List”]SIDE A – Past
1. Mountains
2. Nothing But A ‘G’ Thang
3. Melodies (From Heaven)
4. Redemption Song ft. Armond Wakeup & Adam L.
5. Never Knew Him

SIDE B – Present
6. Mirror
7. No Flex Zone (Re-Imagined)
8. Made of Love (Charity)
9. Final Frontier
BONUS TRACK – Magic & Kareem

SIDE A is set in 1993 and touches on dealing with the death of my mother (“Mountains”), falling in love with music and exploring my musical tastes (“Nothing But A ‘G’ Thang” & “Melodies”), and hearing the gospel for the first time (“Redemption Song” & “Never Knew Him”)

SIDE B, If Side A is the “Cause”, Side B is the “Effect” and is set in the present. It explores me being aware of the many sins in my life (including Pornography) and shows me maturing, growing, and walking out my faith (“Mirror” & “No Flex Zone”). It also shows how pornography has warped my view of love now that I’m in a relationship (“Made of Love”). And lastly the album concludes with me accepting my call to make God honoring music (“Final Frontier”)

BONUS TRACK – This song shows where I’m at currently as an independent artist and vents some of my frustrations.[/acc][/accordion]

Sean C. Johnson’s “Circa 1993” album releases Tuesday March 10th.

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