Scottish Buses display Advert Encouraging Prayer

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For 40 days during Easter, 40 buses operating on various routes across Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh and other major Scottish cities will display a Christian advert with the logo ‘trypraying’.

trypraying started life as a prayer booklet for non-Christians, but when the small charity based in Edinburgh printed out banners to hang on churches, they realised that people were being affected just by seeing the words – try praying. This led to the logo being displayed on buses in Edinburgh at Easter-time – 40 buses for 40 days – all sponsored by local Christians. This year buses in Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee and the Borders will also carry the ads.

Full colour logoThere are those who are angered by the sight of the logo – in 2013 a complaint was made to the Advertising Standards Authority by one person (which was dismissed as unjustified) – but for others it can lead to a significant moment.

The charity has received testimonies on the effect the campaign has had on people. They said that; “One young man, an atheist, shared how seeing the logo on a bus helped him to come to faith. A woman emailed to say that she and her friend started praying after seeing the logo. There was even a story of a man who went and got baptised.”

This April, the trypraying charity is looking for 100’s of churches across many towns and cities to join in making their campaign accessible across the nation.

Watch this video telling you about where it all started.

To get invovledwith the campaign and support the cause check out the trypraying website here:



  1. Yes, people are still vulnerable to religious BS. One day they will stop spreading low coping mechanisms and false concepts, because evidence based beliefs will prevail. Until that time, religious minds will continue to promote schizophrenic tendencies in the populus.

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