REVIEW: Why Men Really Cheat Seminar & Book Launch

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Why Men Really Cheat_Vinejuice ReviewWhen was this event?
The event was hosted on Wednesday 12th February 2014. It was advertised that doors would open at 7pm with the seminar starting at 7.30 and lasting 2 hours in duration. The talk actually started at 8pm but was finished by 9:45pm

Where it take place?
Function Area, G Casino, Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre.

What was it all about?
Martyn Stewart, an international psychologist specialising in cognition and relationships, has developed the BET theory; A three component guide to the modern man and their inclination to cheating. The seminar began with the historical content that led to his findings and followed the evolutionary progression of how infidelity was first necessary for survival, then socially acceptable as men ruled civilisation. However, in society today, infidelity is no longer seen as necessary or acceptable so why does it continue? Martyn’s BET theory is based on the concepts of Brain, Environment and Thought. Each of these areas have their own separate sub-sections which form 27 different combinations or ‘types’ of the modern man and once the relevant combination has been identified, will highlight the subtle patterns in their behaviour. Martyn stressed that although men can be classified in this way, not all men are cheaters and not all will cheat. There is an element of accessibility that is important to infidelity and putting it simply, men couldn’t cheat if they weren’t given the opportunity too. The seminar ended with a brief outline of what women, and society in general, could do to minimise this accessibility, i.e. be realistic about who you are with and why you are with them, minimise justification and acceptance of these behaviours (do not take a cheating man back), and build up self esteem and confidence (“cause no man will cheat on a women who is confident and sure of herself”). All of these things will help, Martyn says, as cheaters prey on women who are lacking in these areas.

What was the highlight?
Martyn’s seminar was insightful and easy to understand, partly due to his charisma and good use of humour. Being a lecturer, he is well use to not only working a crowd but making information accessible to all and he delivered in spades. Although not using difficult psychological terms and concepts, they would be unfamiliar to general society and he still managed to explain them to those gathered in a way that made you feel like an expert. The presentation had a good use of video clips e.g. Eddie Murphy’s RAW, and public examples of infidelity that we were all familiar with e.g. Tiger Woods, Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie.

Would have been better if…
Although very interesting and entirely plausible, the seminar was simply a plug for the book. Yes the question of why men cheat was answered based on the introduction of the BET theory, but it was simply an introduction. I was left wanting more information. I guess I shall just have to read the book!!

Good turn out?
There were approximately 20 people in attendance with only 2 of them males. 5 people also appeared to be members of the author’s family party

About the Venue:
Function Area, G Casino, Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre.

A nice plush area suited for relaxing and socialising but perhaps not appropriate as a seminar space, especially with football being shown on the main screen and casino patrons hovering around. No signage or clear direction to the function area was visible and due to the venue being a members only casino, they required photo ID and for you to sign up as a member before they allowed entry.

Final words
I would gladly attend this seminar again if the focus was adapted slightly to why women cheat, or if it provided more information about the types of men that were formed from the BET combinations. Any further research into the area would also be of interest.

Why Men Really Cheat_Vinejuice Review_Dannii Hinds
Vinejuice Event Reviewer: Danielle Hinds

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