REVIEW: Crisis Point Charity Open Day Sheds Light

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We just love attending events that really open our eyes to the fantastic work that groups and organisations are doing within the city of Manchester and across the North West of England.

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On Friday 26th July we attended an Open Day hosted by an organisation called Crisis Point. Based in Levenshulme, Crisis Point (an arm of the national organisation ‘Turning Point’) is an open-access mental health crisis centre. It offers bespoke crisis management support to people with a diverse range of mental health related needs. Up to 6 service users can be housed in the centre for up to 10 days in order to offer intensive care to people who may suffer from issues ranging from self harming to suicidal tendencies. The service is absolutely free and available to all who need this level of support. There is also an external service for people who either don’t require the level of support that the accommodation service offers or cannot stay due to other commitments. This offers them the option of a maximum of six 1:1 sessions.


The open day was organised to give professionals and the public (we fit in the former category – naturally) an insight into the work that they do, an opportunity to look around the service and the chance for Questions and Answers. Kelly Parker, Project Worker & Events Coordinator, took us on our tour which highlighted just how unlike a ‘centre’ or ‘hospital’ the service was! The rooms were decorated in a very homely way, the lounge area was welcoming and even the smoking shelter outside was presented in a way that encouraged socialising between service users.


Recovery Tree

There was one particular room that really gave insight into the excellent work done by the people who work at Crisis Point and further justification for the organisation’s existence. It was a small room used for one on one consultation. Mounted on the wall is a tree made out of Paper Maché. It held large paper leaves on which past service users had written about their experience at Crisis Point and had left some advice or words of inspiration for new service users. It was whilst in this room that Kelly revealed to us that statistically, our beloved city of Manchester holds the record for the highest level of suicide in England and that the centre is one of only 2 of its kind in the whole of the country. This really helped to drive home the necessity of the service.


After enjoying a very well catered for buffet lunch, we left feeling quite humbled and moved by the work that takes place in this corner of Manchester, the passion that the people who work there exude when you speak to them and by the stories of real lives being transformed.


Find out more about this service by visiting the Crisis Point website.

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