Redeemed Church Christian Church of God in takes on Birmingham City Council to Save Church

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Birmingham based ‘Redeemed Christian Church of God’ parish – Covenant Restoration Assembly (RCCG – CRA) is calling on the Body of Christ and other vested stakeholders to join their plight to save the church building that they use for worship from being sold by Birmingham City Council. The sale of St Luke’s Church, Bristol Street, Birmingham – which is a listed building is likely to result in the eviction of RCCG-CRA and change of its use as a church all together.  The parish says that this decision is contrary to the initial agreement they had with the Birmingham City Council and representatives from the Home and Community Agency (HCA)

RCCG-CRA has been using the using the 200 year old church building since 2001 when its fellowship began. The parish is now the zonal headquarters of the RCCG mission in the West Midlands and is pastored by Pastor Ranti Oyewale.

A petition to stop Birmingham City Council and HCA from selling the church building has been circulated and currently has over 1300 signatures. Pastor Ranti and the church members are calling for as many people to sign the petition in a hope that St Luke’s will be saved and maintain its primary purpose as a church of God.

Vinejuice is supporting this campaign and the fight to maintain Churches of God across the country which are building sold and used for various purposes except the worship of Jesus Christ. We encourage you to join hands with RCCG-CRA in prayer and by signing this petition.

Save St Luke’s

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