Recording Artist Lisa McClendon Shares Weight Loss Secrets In Her New Cookbook.

Lisa McClendon cook book
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Award-winning recording artist, Lisa McClendon, releases her first cookbook, “The Affirmation Cookbook.” This cookbook is the first of many cookbooks to be expected from the Dove and Stellar Award nominee.

“The Affirmation Cookbook,” was created to give food lovers healthier food choices that do not compromise flavour.

McClendon, standing at 5 ft. 3 inches, was up to 160 lbs and growing by 2014.
McClendon recalls having hired a personal trainer and although McClendon was a vegetarian as well she was continuing to gain weight despite rigorous workouts.
Frustrated with food options, McClendon began recreating the foods she had come to love but could no longer eat. This journey would help her to shed 50 lbs in less than 6 months.

Now McClendon is sharing her food “recreations” with the world in hopes of showing people all the amazing flavorful foods that can be enjoyed without the extra pounds or the guilt.
The Affirmation Cookbook features 10 recipes plus one bonus recipe. It also comes complete with custom words of affirmation written by Lisa McClendon to empower its reader, as well as, videos that include healthy eating and living tips for both men and women.

The Affirmation Cook is available now on

You can also keep up with Lisa McClendon and what she’s preparing to launch next at

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