President Obama Get’s Silly in Buzzfeed Video

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It’s not often you get to see the more humorous side of our world leaders, so this Buzzfeed video advert starring President Barak Obama himself is a real erm…shock! Shock in a good way. He actually made us laugh. Which is a change to how he usually makes us feel I must say!

The video was created by Buzzfeed to “encourage Americans to enroll on the Obama Care Health Plan before the cut off date”. With the tag line ‘Things that everybody does but doesn’t talk about’ the video shows President Obama getting ready to be interviewed as the reporter prepares at home. Both of them are shown doing funny little things like practising their speech with particular focus on tricky words like “Wednesday” and “February”. It also shows Obama doing ‘what everyone does’ (well, almost everyone) when they have a couple of minutes to kill – take a selfie – with a selfi stick no less! He then proceeds to have a couple of moments of, well, silliness i guess – shooting air balls. The reporter then walks in and looks at the president with a slightly bemused expression on his face. Love it.

The question is, after seeing the US President frolicking in the White House, will we ever be able to look at him as one of the worlds most powerful presidents again? I guess Obama’s response to that would probably be in line with what he says at the end of the video…”Can I Live?”. We here at Vinejuice say “Yes you CAN Mr President. You do you!”

I wonder if we might see David Cameron Snapchatting and pretending to be Man United goalie in an effort to encourage the UK to vote? You never know…

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