Who Let The Christians In The Light Club?

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A London based team of Christians have taken over a ‘Night Club’ previously called ‘La Face’ and re-branded it as ‘The Light Club’ at which they will hold monthly “Night club style” ‘Praise Parties’.

Nearly 400 party people turned up at the New Year’s Praise Party that took place at The Light Club in Edmonton in London. The club boasts 2 floors and 5 resident DJ’s playing a combination of Hip Hop, RnB, Afro Beats, Bashment, House and Garage! Sound very much like what you remember a night club to be? Well, DJ Kelechi, founder of this seemingly controversial event, explains the difference between a ‘Night’ and ‘Light’ club experience.

“Our Praise Parties are a DJ-led club nights in a nightclub style venue. The main difference is that the DJ’s are Christians and will be playing Christian music. The aim is to create an atmosphere of celebration and praise. A cool and vibrant place where Christians can dance, have a great time, and meet great people.”

Following what they termed ‘phenomenal feedback’ for their New Year event, The Light Club team have decided to hold monthly parties in the purpose built night club which is fully fitted with the original lights and sound system.

PraiseParty2015-16When asked about his views on using venues such as pubs and night clubs for Christian events, DJ Kelechi said,

“Everything man made can be used for good or bad. Something that was once used for bad can be reclaimed for good. The night club experienced some bad press and was a source of trouble for the local authorities. All that has changed now. For example, there’s no more binge drinking. It’s now an alcohol free venue. I believe we should not be afraid of these so called worldly things. We have the power and the creativity in Christ to use these things for the glory of God.”

The building was taken over by Senior Pastor of Global Miracle Gospel Ministries, Dr Abraham Daniel-Joel, who was looking for a new building for the church. Whilst the building was not a perfect fit for the church, they saw an opportunity to re-claim the venue for ‘Kingdom purposes’ which includes a youth club, community events, and Christian celebrations.

The Praise Party team say that they’re prayer is that The Light Club becomes a super cool place where fun loving Christians can dance, meet new people and praise the Lord together.

Praise Party #FirstFridays : The Launch“Imagine this happening regularly. Imagine how the social lives of Christians can be enriched. Imagine the people who can be introduced to Christ by attending the praise party.” -DJ Kelechi.

The next Praise Party takes place on Friday 4th March from 10pm till 3am! I know…Christian’s partying till 3 in the morning? Hey, why not? With live PA’s from Lurine Cato and A Star, it sounds like the party is going to be popping. If you’re curious go and check it out. Book your tickets here: Get Your Praise On!

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