One Essential to Build the Right Foundation for Marriage

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The foundation on which a relationship is built on is vital in securing its future longevity and health. An essential ingredient in a right foundation for marriage is Communication. The ability for two people to be able to talk through all eventualities, share their feelings, thoughts and dreams, and negotiate through life by talking issues through will be the glue that holds them together.

The world system has taught many to select our life partners based on lust and how physically attractive they are to us. This is building a Foundation on Sex.

Single-hood /Marriage Counsellor, Dorike Adesunloye puts it this way: “You need to be able to communicate with the person you intend to marry. No point having a pretty picture in your home that you can’t talk to!”

Without discounting the physical nature of marriage and the importance of physical attraction from the outset, communication offers a longer term strategy for a successful marriage. As a single person, it is important that lust and physical attraction is not driving the decision of whether a person is right for you in marriage. Ensure that Love is a driving force along with one of the essential ingredients of communication. This will also help you enjoy a great physical relationship within your marriage.

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