Nigerian President Goodluck Johnathan in Missing Girls Plea

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The Nigerian President Goodluck Johnathan finally makes a plea for the more than 200 girls that were kidnapped 3 weeks ago. This is the first time the Nigerian president has spoken about the kidnapping after being slammed for his silence.

The girls were taken from their school in Borno State whilst writing their exams by suspected Islamist Militants – Boko Haram, whose name translates to ‘Western Education is a sin’.

Nigerian President Calls for Help
President Johnathan admits that despite searches by the army and air-force, they still do not know where the girls are. He asks that parents and local communities  support the search efforts, saying that “the government needs assistance.”

Although searches have been unsuccessful, the Nigerian president promises that “where ever the girls are we will surely get them out.”

No Negotiations with Islamist Militants
President Jonathan dismissed the suggestion that negotiations were taking place to secure the release of the girls, saying it was impossible to talk to Boko Haram.

“You don’t negotiate with somebody you don’t know. The issue of negotiation has not come up,” he said.

Our question is – is it too little too late?


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