New Music Video Urges Youth to be Moneywise

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The Pentecostal Credit Union (PCU), one of the UK’s largest, recently released a rap video aimed at encouraging young people to become more money wise so that they resist the temptations to spend money on things they don’t need and instead plan for their financial future.

The video, entitled Gimme Dat, features PCU-Money, the Shadow Youth Board of the Pentecostal Credit Union, and female Christian rapper Tneek who wrote and performs the track. It comes out in the wake of a recent BBC news report found that 16 million people in the UK have savings of just £100 or less.

Tneek was excited about working on Gimme Dat. She explained, “It was great to work on this project and let young people know it’s a good thing to be money wise. There’s so much temptation for young people to spend – whether it’s to copy the lifestyles of celebrities like Kim Kardashian or to buy things that they don’t need to live up to a fashionable image. Gimme Dat brings these issues to the fore and calls on young people to give careful consideration to how they spend their cash.”

PCU Youth Shadow Board hopes Gimme Dat starts a conversation amongst young people to increase their understanding of financial issues and encourage them to use their finances to fulfil their future dreams and goals. Shane Bowes, CEO of the PCU stated “We don’t want young people to fall into the trap of not being financially aware, especially following the BBC report stating that millions of adults have little or no savings. We have to help our youth plan for their financial future, that’s why PCU have supported our Youth Shadow Board’s Gimme Dat initiative.

“They are using music to send a much needed message that its important for young people to increase their financial awareness, become money wise and save their money for their future.”

The Pentecostal Credit Union are supporting the release of Gimme Dat by giving free moneywise talks at youth groups and church events. To book email [email protected] or visit

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