New Music: ‘Compromise’ – InderPaul Sandhu

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Singer and rapper, InderPaul Sandhu, releases his first single for 2018 titled ‘Compromise’.

inderpaul sandhu - compromiseFollowing the massive success of his last single, ‘Money Aint A Thing’, that was given ‘Track Of The Week’ by the BBC Asian Network InderPaul returns with ‘Compromise’ – and a green beard to boot.

The new single is a contemplative reflection on bad decisions we all at times make that InderPaul says he wrote whilst he was drunk one night on a nightbus in Leyton.

We’ve all been there, we’ve all done things we knew better than to do, we’ve all let things slide when we should of challenged them, we’ve all laughed at jokes we shouldn’t have you know ? the list goes on and its something we can all relate too. Examining ourselves is something we all need to do for growth. Not only have I grown but I got a pretty kool song too.

he said,

I actually wrote this song when I was drunk on a nightbus in Leyton, I was the guy you pretend you can’t see or hear. It really hit me when I got on the bus though, ‘and now I’m in a right state! The moment’s a moment, but the echo, the echo’s for life mate,’ thus the song Compromise was born.

‘Compromise’ is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and all other reputable digital stores.

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