New Kim Burrell Album Recorded From a Place of Pain

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Following the release of her brand new album, ‘A Different Place’ which dropped on 4th September 2015, Kim Burrell shares in an interview that this album is her “first recording in life” that she had to do without her mum and close friend Whitney.

Kim Burrell says that she wrote this album from ‘a place of pain’ during an interview due to the tragic death of her close friend Whitney Houston and losing her mum to cancer. However, it seems that this ‘place’ has caused her to record one of her most ‘real’ albums to date. Kim Burrell said: “I’ve always practised “I’ll keep my pain in because I don’t want to impose that on the consumer; they want to hear Kim the Artist.” But Kim the Person is on this one.”

And it would seem that her fans appreciate her openness as they pushed ‘A Different Place’ to the top of the Gospel charts within hours of its release.

Kim Burrell is what we would refer to as a ‘Veteran in the Game’ with 29 years in music under her belt, and a CV that lists her working with the likes of Diddy, Kirk Franklin, Missy Elliot and Stevie wonder. This is her 6th solo album and is available on Itunes and Amazon.

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