Natty Joshia “Cloud 9” Lyric Video

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Up and coming RnB singer, Natty Joshia, has got us on “Cloud 9” with his latest release and lyric video.

Joshia, hailing from Wolverhampton, released “Cloud 9” recently – his only release for 2016 – and firmly cemented his position as one of our “one’s to watch”.

“Cloud 9” is about a relationship with Christ and a first encounter with Him, “it’s like having that butterfly feeling when you fall in love with someone,” says Joshia. “In this song I want to communicate the fresh love encounter you have with Christ but also in that process that you will face hard times. The pre-chorus describes a scene of the ‘world’ or the things in the ‘world’ trying to distract from the main goal, which is Christ. But in the midst of our pain we see Christ in the situation that we will be flying past ‘Cloud 9’, that all our stress and anxiety will go away because of being in God’s presence.

Have a watch of “Cloud 9” here:


“Cloud 9” is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and is streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer. Joshia promises us that he will be dropping an album in 2017.

Follow Natty Joshia here:   /NattyJoshiaMusic,  @NattyJoshia,  @nattyjoshia

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