Mother Releases New Book to Inspire Children to Help Others

Elissy's World
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After getting the thumbs up from her young daughter for her impromptu, made up bedtime stories Claudia Myrie decided to put pen to paper and write books which other children could read and enjoy. Elissy’s World: An Encounter With Big Ben is the result.

Elissy is a young girl desirous to understand the world she lives in. In this debut book of Elissy’s adventures, Elissy explores the City of London and gets to learn about the magical history of Big Ben, one of the world’s most famous clocks.

It’s whilst Elissy is admiring Big Ben that it suddenly stops working and the entire City of London comes to a standstill. With the help of her best friends – the alphabets – brave littly Elissy saves the City of London and she gets an award from the Queen of London for her bravery!

Elissy’s World: An Encounter With Big Ben seeks to teach children aged between 2-8 years the importance of helping others. It takes children on a wonderful adventure where children can also learn about the importance of the alphabet and a few virtues on the way.

The book is Claudia Myrie’s debut as an author. She didn’t discover her passion for writing until she had read thousands of stories out loud to her own children, alongside the impromptu bedtime stories about various people that she made up for her daughter.

Excited for what the future holds, Claudia said, “I never expected that I’d be writing a children’s book but now that I’ve done so, I’m looking forward to writing other stories about Elissy.”

“I really hope that young children connect with Elissy’s World and that it inspires them to connect with the wider world. I also hope they will be interested in learning about her other adventures.”

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