Juanita Bynum Says Scantily Dressed Ministers Have A “Hoe Spirit”

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In a no-holds-barred Facebook Live video, New York Bestselling author, Gospel artist and televangelist Juanita Bynum tells scantily dressed female ministers that they have a “Hoe Spirit.”

The “No More Sheets” writer, known for her openness and transparency spoke passionately about the various ways some women have been seen to dress as they stand at the altar to lead worship or preach. She suggests that this may be the reason that there is rising promiscuity in the Body of Christ. Juanita says the church has gone “bodycon crazy” and that women should be wearing spanx to minimise the jiggling!

And the rant didn’t stop there, Juanita talks about ladies not wearing stockings, bras and even panties in church!

“For some reason, the women of God in this hour don’t want to put on clothes and I don’t know why.”

“Sex appeal is on an all time high – not worship, not brokenness, not Lord here I am, not God purge me and cleanse me.”

And if you don’t like Juanita’s views on Christian dressing, she says that she really doesn’t care!

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