Meet the Author: ‘Fall in Love with His Vision Not His Wallet’

Fall in love with his vision
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Founder of the country’s first televised Christian Singing Competition ‘Time To Shine’ turned fashionista, blogger and now author took a few moments out of her busy schedule to talk to us about her debut book, ‘Fall In Love With His Vision Not His Wallet’.

Mercy B in the house! So we love your debut book ‘Fall in Love with His Vision Not His Wallet’ but what made you decide to write it? 

I am so passionate about relationships and it was a burden in my heart to see how marriages are breaking up within a short time. So, l wrote a blog about my experience of how l met my husband and what to look out for before making a commitment.

I’ve been in married for 29 years and have so much to share. The reaction and the feedback I got from the blog was very positive and I felt God lay it on my heart to turn it into a book.

We really love the look and feel of this book. 

The style of the book was just the way l write my blog. That’s my style, simple and straightforward. The book is colourful because that is my personality. I love pictures.

Fall in love with his vision


So who did you write the book for?

The book is for singles – male or female, married people and for anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of enjoying a successful Godly relationship or marriage.

Is this your first book? 

Yes, it is.

 Nice. How easy or difficult was it to share your personal marriage story?

It wasn’t easy because my husband is a very private man, but l can’t just fold my hands and do nothing to help. God has given me so much experience and wisdom over the years and l know it’s not to make me feel good about myself, it’s for others to be blessed and bring glory to his name. When God blesses you, he has other people in mind. My life belongs to God and l want him to use it in any way he wants. So with my husband’s consent, l was able to share.

And what about your children, how did they take it? 

It’s been amazing. They are so proud of me especially – my daughter. She worked tirelessly in promoting the book. My children are very supportive.They are the ones who really know us. My daughter interviewed myself and my husband on the day of the book launch, it was really beautiful to see. I give God the glory for their lives

Do you have a favourite section or paragraph in the book?

Wow, that’s a difficult one. I love every part. One of my favourites is on page 13: ”Whoever you choose to spend your life with has a lot to do with your purpose on earth. Whoever you choose to say yes to on the altar can alter your life for the better or worse.”   The whole paragraph on that section. I love the bit about not wasting your time and life with a man that just want to keep you as a friend too.

Gbam! That’s some real insight right there. So the book was launched in July, what has been the feedback thus far?

The response has been so positive and encouraging. I have so many good reviews. I think people love the idea that the book is small, full of wisdom and not complicated. It’s a book you can relate to because I wrote it with sincerity. You can keep as a guideline and reference in your relationship and you have space at the back for your personal notes.  There are so many people retweeting and sharing from the public. They’re also quite impressed with the packaging and the brand too.

I must say, we were quite impressed with the packaging and branding too. Very classy.  How can people get hold of this book?

You can purchase it on Amazon or on my website.

OK cool. Well, thanks for taking the time to share with us about your debut book and we wish you all the best with it.

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