Marks and Spencer Lift Ban on Christ

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The ban placed on the words ‘Christ’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ on their gift messages has been lifted by Marks & Spencer. Customers using the brands online flower ordering service were prevented from adding a gift message if it contained those words with an on screen notification that would pop up saying “sorry, there’s something in your message we can’t write. “

In an article in the Daily Mail, Lord Carey, a former Archbishop of Canterbury said in response to the actions of the supermarket giant: ‘If Christ becomes an offensive word in a Christian land then all of us should be alarmed.’

It seems Marks & Spencer has had second thoughts as it emerges today that the ban has been lifted. We asked Marks and Spencer for an interview to explain to us why the ban was placed in the first instance and why the sudden decision to remove it. They obviously declined the interview but told us that they had only added ‘Christ’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ to the list of banned words which also included the words ‘F***’ and ‘Gay’ to prevent misuse. They also gave us this official statement: 

“We apologise for any offence caused, it was certainly never our intention. We have revised the words included on the automatic phrase checker which is in place to prevent the use and misuse of certain words.” 

We’re pleased that Marks & Spencer reconsidered this action, but does it further evidence of the marginalisation of Christians in the UK and the world even. What are your views? Comment below. 

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