Margaret Nana Tandoh Shares Her Heart About New Album ‘The Jesus Project’

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Margaret Nana Tandoh is a worship leader hoping to make waves with her new album ‘The Jesus Project’. The Zambian born singer spoke to Marcia Dixon for Vinejuice about her faith, her album and life.


Describe yourself in five words?

Tenacious, Particular, Hard working, Talented, Goal Driven

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people – in a nice way

I actually love running, even though I am not very fast at it, it is one of my favourite past-times. Another thing is that I like is a good suspense movie or TV Series.

You’ve called your latest album The Jesus Project – Why?

This Project was called the Jesus Project because of the direction of the songs God gave me. The songs focus on Jesus and His finished work. Initially I was going to name the project “Victory”. But then later I felt the direction change To “The Jesus Project”.

How did you become a Christian and what does your faith mean to you?

I became a Christian in 1989 after one of my cousins witnessed to me and led me to the Lord. Christianity to me is a relationship anchored on a life of prayer. It’s about connecting to your maker on a daily basis without which one should feel lost and empty.

How would you describe the music on the album and what are the key messages that you’ve wanted to convey through the album songs?

I would say that the songs on the album are worship and inspirational songs. Some of the songs like “I Turn To You” and “Free” talk about Jesus and what His various names mean to me. Songs like ”No Other Name” talk about what Jesus has done and can do. I also have a couple of the songs that are praise songs like “Lift His Name” and “Victory”.


I notice some of the tracks are produced by MOBO award winner Evans Ogboi – what made you decide to use him?

This album is quite unique in that the production was started off by Tolu Okeowu and finished off by Evans Ogboi. I selected Evans because I had heard the quality of a few of his productions which I must say is quite excellent! Also, as you have rightly pointed out, he is an award winning producer and singer. I don’t compromise on quality and so I wanted the very best in the industry.

Your recent album launch/worship concert attracted gospel luminaries Rachel Kerr and Mike Aremu. What do you enjoy most about performing live?

I always enjoy performing live. In fact I prefer the live stage to the recording studio. This is because the live stage gives me the opportunity to connect with my audience and express my exact feelings and message at that point in time. My album launch was very successful and I was happy to have a wide range of guests including established artists and musicians in my audience.

How do you balance being a wife, mother, and praise and worship artist?

It is quite challenging to try and balance all my duties and roles not to mention that I work full time as well as a Senior Analyst in the city. I have learnt to first of all draw my daily strength from God. That is why my relationship with him is key. Another thing that helps is of course having a supportive husband and children. They literally work around my timetable to accommodate my itinerary. Also I find that one has to live a disciplined lifestyle and make use of the 24hrs God has given us. Not wasting time on worthless pursuits and conversations helps to accommodate all that needs to be done to fulfil the purpose God has graciously given me. I love everything that I do and have and would not exchange any of it for anything else.

What’s been the most memorable moment in your music ministry?

I have a few memories. But one that stands out is when I was given the opportunity to play a lead singing role in a one-off West End play called “To-Die-For” many years ago. I particularly enjoyed the standing ovation as I belted out Mariah Carey’s “Treated me Kind”. It was an awesome moment that will never leave my heart.

What should we expect from you in forthcoming months where your music ministry is concerned?

Right now my diary is fully booked out with ministry opportunities all the way ‘til End of October. You can catch me at a few churches around London over the coming weeks, visit for more info.

What’s the ultimate aim for your music ministry?

It’s my desire to minister throughout the world and share the message of hope, deliverance, and healing that Christian offers all.

The Jesus Project is out now. Visit for more info. Like on Facebook @margarettandohmusic. Follow on Twitter @nanatandoh

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