Manchester Muslim Girl Throws Holy Bible Down A Drain And Receives A Warning From School

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A Muslim girl who attends a greater Manchester Grammar school filmed herself on Snapchat throwing a Bible down the drain and received “just a warning” for her actions.  The question many people are asking is what would have happened if this was a Quran?

According to, the Altrincham Grammar  School student “taunted classmates as she carried out the provocative act, leading parents to complain to her £15,000-a-year school.”muslim-girl-1


The student and her friends are said to have been messing around with the book before filming the 10-second video  with the caption, “good bye (ble). The images of the video have been circulating across social media.

A relative of a student from the school said:

“It is disgusting to think this young girl thinks it’s acceptable to insult a religion by defacing a Bible like this. If a Christian pupil did this to a Koran, there would be uproar.

“Everyone in the school is talking about it and the parents are talking about it too. Pupils have been taking pictures of the video and been sharing it. It’s gone viral.


“They found the book in school and were throwing it around and making a joke of it before it was thrown down the drain.

“The girl posted another Snapchat after she was pulled up on it by the school saying ‘thanks a lot, everybody, you’ve got me in trouble’.

“There’s an awkwardness at school now because she’s angry that she’s been in trouble and she’s trying to find out who told on her.

“I think the school should have made a bigger response. She was let off with just a warning but I think it’s a lot more serious than that.”


To the shock of many a spokeswoman for the school has confirmed that no further action will be taken after the parents were informed. She said: “This was an isolated incident, we dealt with it privately and immediately. The child has apologised.”

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