I Made a Dash From CRAZY Long Time Ago!

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Lisa McClendon - Proverbial Girl

Lisa McClendon- CrazyWhat does that mean?

Well, there was a season in my life where it seemed like everything and everyone around me was CRAZY. Eventually, I felt a little CRAZY.

I decided I had to make some drastic changes in my life.

Remember my Scripture Bricks? If you don’t, they are simply, colourful index cards that I’d write scriptures on and build a wall (taped index cards) on my bedroom wall. I’d get up every morning at 5:00 a.m. and read my brick for that season (that could last anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks), while listening to my Pandora worship station.

It was those things that pulled me up by my boot straps and dropped me off at the corner of Peace of Mind Ave. and Serenity Blvd. I lived there for quite a while.

But then the distractions of life happened and soon I was sleeping in and I was reading less and less and lounging more and more. Then CRAZY returned.

I lied in bed one day, asking God what was going on in me and around me. He showed me. I had walked away from the place of safety and had slowly started walking back towards the very place God had rescued me from.

Has God ever rescued you from a CRAZY place?
Have you ever looked up and found yourself back at the corner of CRAZY?
What were some of the things that kept you focused and centered?
What was that scripture that kept you connected?

Put your sneakers on. Lace up your shoes strings. Retrace your steps and begin to sprint back to that place of safety. Turn something’s off today. Turn some people off today. Everything and everyone is not meant to be along for the ride, especially when you’re trying to ESCAPE FROM CRAZY, AGAIN.


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