Local Christian Women’s Group Victorious in Venue Battle

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CWOI Victory 3
CWOI women’s conference 2014 held at Upper Room Church, Middleton

After an 11 week drawn out battle, the charitable women’s christian organisation, Christian Women of Influence (CWOI) have finally been granted permission to hold their annual women’s conference at a Greater Manchester events venue – Middleton Arena.

CWOI’s initial attempt to confirm a booking at Middleton Arena for July 2016 was refused on the grounds that the award winning venue’s policy, in line their tenancy agreement with their Rochdale Council – prohibits them from accepting bookings of a ‘religious  or political’ nature. At that time the group was told that unless they could guarantee that there would be “no praying and no mention of God”,  their booking would not be confirmed.

Rather then retreating, the women of CWOI dug there heels in and embarked on a relatively lengthy battle with Middleton Arena and Rochdale Council by proxy. Following a number of emails, phone calls and meetings at which the women were told that there would be no way of changing the venue’s stance, the final meeting on Tuesday 10th November 2015 saw a victorious turn around in CWOI’s favour.

A Spokesperson for Middleton Arena admitted that discussions between themselves and Rochdale Council had revealed that the initial policy was too loose in nature and did mot consider the “surmountable” purpose of individual events. They therefore granted CWOI the confirmed venue booking based on the fact that although CWOI is undeniably a Christian organisation, the objective of the group and the conference itself is to empower women and encourage them to find their purpose in life…albeit through Christ!

Founder and leader of CWOI, Prophetess Chi said: “Once you have heard God, stand! His word will always endure. Trials will come but His word is always sure. The Lord had told us to take Him into Middleton Arena and so we just couldn’t give up.”

Planning for the 2016 CWOI Women’s conference is now in full swing with members expecting a full house.

CWOI was founded in 2007 with the objective of empowering and mentoring women from across Manchester and around the world. They also have an outreach arm which works to support widows and orphans in a number of African countries.  The organisation holds annual conferences that attract up to 150 women from across Greater Manchester.

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