Lisa McClendon Returns With New Single ‘Ms. Tina’

Lisa McClendon - Ms Tina
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After a turbulent 2016 dealing with a very public marriage bust-up, Lisa McClendon is back in 2017 with new music titled ‘Ms. Tina’.

In Spring last year soulstress, Lisa McClendon, made headlines around the world after calling out her now ex-husband’s alleged infidelity on social media. What followed was a tough season of healing for the singer which has now led to the release of new single ‘Ms. Tina’ taken off her forthcoming album.

According to McClendon’s website, ‘Ms. Tina’ is a movement inspired by famous ‘Tinas’, Tina Knowles-Lawson (Beyonce’s mum) and Tina Turner (Rock music legend). “Both Tinas went through very public divorces, as a result of bad behavior from the men in their lives but they handled it like a lady. And although they were hurting inside they maintained their dignity and public poise. As a result of how they responded, life rewarded them with new love.”

Have a listen to “Ms. Tina” here:

In a statement McClendon said,

I had to deal with bad behavior in a relationship and unfortunately at first, I didn’t respond like ‘Ms. Tina’. I was afraid. I was angry. I was embarrassed. So I went public with it on social media. And while I am very aware of the many women who related to my pain and praised my “taking a stand,” I wish I had responded differently.

Since that time, I have learned how not to give anyone that much power over me. I’ve learned how to appreciate myself, my voice, my greatness. That’s what happens when you forget about your greatness. You become weak and co-dependent. You’re fearful and insecure.

Now I am on a mission to teach other women, with my voice, how to handle heartbreak and disappointment, not by destroying other peoples’ stuff, beating down a third party or tainting your own name by acting out of character but instead handling it with grace and poise even in the presence of inner fear. Because eventually, fear will have to leave when your greatness shows up.
I vowed to myself to never let anything else go viral about me and my life but good deeds and good music because you deserve that from me and I deserve that for myself.

‘Ms. Tina’ will be available 28th July ’17 via

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