Lecrae Saves Transgender Person From Commiting Suicide

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Christian hip-hop artist, Andy Mineo, recently posted a YouTube video describing his and Lecrae’s encounter with a transgender person who nearly committed suicide.

The short video starts with Andy explaining why he is promoting a book called ‘A Single Gay Christian’ by Gregory Coles. He then uses this opportunity to speak up about some issues that have been bothering him. He says:

It’s really important for me to be able to read resources from LGBTQ community brothers and sisters who wrestle with their sexual identities and their love for God and how those things work together.

Shortly after, Mineo makes reference to a story with him and Lecrae on their way to the Bronx when they witnessed a transgendered person about to jump off the bridge. He says:

So this person is about five feet in front of us now, blood rushing down her face and she starts to climb over the guardrail and jump…Lecrae reaches his long seven-foot arms, grabs her and says no pulling her back…

Watch the full video below:

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