Lecrae Discusses How He Nearly Left Christianity

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Christian Hip-Hop artist, Lecrae, reveals how he nearly left Christianity in an interview with AOL Build Studios.

During the interview with AOL, Lecrae discussed his new album ‘All Things Work Together’ and also how some challenges he recently faced almost caused him to walk away from his faith.

Popular Christian hip-hop DJ personality, Wade-O was present in the audience and took the opportunity to ask Lecrae about the track ‘Destination Can’t Stop Me Now’ on his album of him wanting to leave his faith.

Lecrae responded with this:

Yeah, I think, um, Ghandi has said it, Fredrick Douglas has said it, a lot of people have probably said it; “It’s not the Christ I have a problem with it’s his people,” you know what I mean…That was my struggle. It was just God’s people. It’s like yo! I felt so much disenfranchisement. I felt so much abuse from…organised religion, er, just because I’m walking in a direction a lot of them couldn’t fathom and can’t understand, um, that it really kinda, it drove me away.

The hip-hop artist also mentioned how he took a trip to Egypt where he saw people’s faith being attacked, which motivated him to return to Christianity.

He ends the interview by saying:

Yeah, it helped me realise it’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than America.

Watch the full interview here:

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