Kirk Franklin And Pharrell Talk Religious Belief, Gospel Music, Science and Working Together

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Kirk and pharrellKirk Franklin has always been known for pushing against boundaries, particularly in his musical career. And that trend has not halted. His recent feature on the Kanye West track “Ultralight Prayer” back in March this year brought the producer a lot of heat from many Christians.

But this has obviously not deterred the Grammy award winning artist from garnering further collaborative projects with secular artists. This time, Kirk teamed up with the hit-maker Pharrell Williams on a remix for his track “123 Victory” taken from his recent album “Losing My Religion”.

Following the release of the track, Kirk and Pharrell sat around a table with Scott Verner and talked about music, religion and everything in between. And you know what, I think that’s what we love about Kirk’s approach to working with people who may not be apparently Christian. It brings them that one step closer. Gets them thinking and talking about their spiritual state and allows kirk to show them the love and light of the Lord.


Here’s Pharrell’s stance on Religious beliefs: “I don’t think the church gives enough credence to science.”


Pharrell says he grew up on in the church with gospel music and says that his mum wanted him to join the choir. “I just remember the fire that you would see in church.” “I appreciate my formative years in church more now than then.”


What it was like for both Kirk and Pharrell to work together. Pharrell says Kirk is “a wizard” when it comes to harmonies.

123 Victory remix is available on Itunes. 


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